What is it?

ELFDump is a command-line utility that provides detailed information about ELF binaries. It works with executables, shared libraries and even relocatable object files. The latest version of ELFDump (0.3 as of 20th February 2003) can provide the following information:

Note on Liscensing

ELFDump's source is Public Domain. This means that no restrictions are placed on how it can be used. However, if you do go on to make something much better out of the ELFDump code I would appreciate some acknowledgement in there somewhere.

For ELFDump's output to be meaningful it is advised that you obtain a copy of the Portable Formats Specification. This document defines the ELF format (and the DWARF format too and no, that's not a joke) and is the document that ELFDump was written around. The latest version of this document can be obtained from here...

Output samples

Provided here are some samples of ELFDump's output:


Note that from verision 0.2 the source tarballs include three binaries for test purposes. These include a statically-linked PPC binary, a stripped SPARC binary and a stripped Intel x86 binary.

Sorry, but the above has been changed. I have decided that including test binaries adds too much unneccessary size to the final tarballs. Latest stable version (0.3 20th Feb. 2003)
elfdump-0.3 Source .tar.gz
Previous Versions
elfdump-0.1 Source .tar.gz
elfdump-0.2 Source .tar.gz
Static i386 binary

Of course I am extremely greatful to the folks at sourceforge.net. Not only for their hosting of the ELFDump project but for their hosting and all of the other terrific services they provide for FREE to the Open Source development community.